Re: evolution-digest V1 #961

John W. Burgeson (
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 15:28:55 -0600

>> I
have sent messages through his friends who have assured me that they
contacted him about the 'rodents gave rise to whales' and 'rodents gave
rise to bats' error he makes. He claims it is a joke and doesn't see any
reason to change. I don't see the humor.>>

Seems the problem, Glenn, is on your end, not his.

1. He claims something is meant in jest.
2. You don't "see the humor."
3. You therefore treat it as a solid (erroneous) argument.
4. That does not make sense to me.

Maybe Johnson's humor IS "strained" in this case.
So what?
As long as HE claims it is in jest, how can you insist he means it


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