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Correct. Operator error cause PC to come out rather than PE, as it should
have been. You read it right. My point still holds, however. Whether the
'hopeful monster' idea has been discarded or not is irrelevant. The point
is some solution has been attempted BECAUSE of the inadequacy of
macroevolution to speak to the current problems.

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> Date: Monday, June 01, 1998 10:06 PM
> Ron Chitwood wrote:
> >
> > >>>>Actually I agree here. It is PRECISELY like what the medieval's
> > But
> > they didn't assume geocentrism either. The ancient peoples looked at
> > evidence before their eyes and saw the sun moving. They didn't feel
> > own motion so they believed that they were stationary. When they moved
> > a cart, they felt motion, jerks and stops etc. Since there was none of
> > that when planted on the ground, they used this observational data to
> > the conclusion they did. it was quite reasonable<<<
> >
> > Really, all I am asking is that you take it one step further and
> > that the sun is setting on macroevolution because of more current
> > in microbiology, mathematics, etc. Why do you suppose PC or the
> > monster' idea has been proposed? Its because the data that has been
> > accumulated earlier is proving to be an inadequate answer.
> Sorry, Ron, but the "hopeful monster" idea was proposed half a century
> ago. It was, and is, rejected by mainstream genetics. I am assuming that
> you meant PE (punctuated equilibrium) when you said PC, but anyone who
> has read the work of PE theorists like Gould and Eldredge knows that
> they reject Goldschmidt's saltationism. The "hopeful monster" is a long
> forgotten bit of nonsense from an otherwise respected geneticist. It is
> only relevant to demagogues who are banking on the fact that their
> audience doesn't know anything about the history of evolutionary
> thought.
> Ed