Growing problems?????

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Mon, 01 Jun 1998 22:06:19 -0500

At 05:39 PM 6/1/98 -0500, Ron Chitwood wrote:

>Really, all I am asking is that you take it one step further and realize
>that the sun is setting on macroevolution because of more current findings
>in microbiology, mathematics, etc. Why do you suppose PC or the 'hopeful
>monster' idea has been proposed? Its because the data that has been
>accumulated earlier is proving to be an inadequate answer.

I simply don't see this mass flocking of biologists and geologists away
from evolution that creationists have claimed has been occurring for many
years. If it is occurring, then why don't we see universities teaching


"Even though the large majority of modern scientists still embrace an
evolutionary view of origins, there is a significant and growing number of
scientists who have abandoned evolution altogether and have accepted
creation instead." ~ Mark Looy, "I Think; Therefore, There is a Supreme
Thinker,"Impact, 208, October, 1990, p. i

"Although the history of the earth and life has long been interpreted by
the uniformitarian maxim, 'the present is the key to the past,' more and
more geologists are returning to catastrophism." ~ Henry M. Morris,
"Evolution - A House Divided," Impact, 194, August, 1989, p. iii.

"Furthermore, even if it wasn't clear in Darwin's day, the modern
scientific creationist movement has made it abundantly clear in our day
that all the real facts of science support this Biblical position. Despite
all the bombastic books and articles, both by secular evolutionists and
compromising evangelicals, which have opposed the modern literature on
scientific Biblical creationism/catastrophism, the evidence is sound, and
more and more scientists are becoming creationists all the time." ~ Henry
M. Morris, A History of Modern Creationism, (San Diego: Master Book
Publishers, 1984), p. 329-330

"In spite of the tremendous pressure that exists in the scientific world on
the side of evolutionary propaganda, there are increasing signs of
discontent and skeptisism" ~ Henry Morris, The Twilight of Evolution,
(Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1963), p. 84

This claim of more and more evidence against evolution and people leaving
it has been made for more than a quarter century. I don't see it. I think
it is a feel good thing on the part of young-earthers.


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