Re: Glenn's ad hominems FAQ (was half-evolved feather pt 2)

Stephen Jones (
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 05:10:34 +0800


On Tue, 26 May 1998 20:28:17 -0500, Glenn R. Morton wrote:

GM>Stephen, maybe I can suggest something. This listserv is about evolution,
>not about Glenn and his faults of which I have many. Why don't you stay on
>topic rather than discussing what people do or say, talk about evolution.
>Or if you think Glenn's ad hominems is a topic worth interest, start a
>'Glenn's ad hominems listserve. And no this is not an attempt to stop you
>from pointing out my failures. It just seems that the topic would be
>better on another listserve.

I agree. In retrospect me darwing attention to your ad hominems is a distraction
from the real issue of "evolution". That's why I had not made an issue of
your ad hominems against me in the past. But in the heat of the moment I broke
my own rules.

I am terminating all discussion of your (or anyone else's) ad hominems right now.
Future messages about your ad hominems will be ignored.

This does not apply to the question of your destructive criticism of Christian
apologists, which is (and always was) a different issue.


"Evolution is the greatest engine of atheism ever invented."
--- Dr. William Provine, Professor of History and Biology, Cornell University.

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