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Glenn R. Morton (
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 06:21:14 -0500

At 09:57 AM 6/1/98 +0100, Gary Collins wrote:
>I have read previous posts which concern your theory. I must say, I find it
>extremely interesting. I have, of course, noted the objections with regard
>to the timing of it, but I don't believe that per se they are fatal to the

Timing is obviously the major hurdle I have to jump over especially since
everyone (old earther theistic evolutionists and progressive creationists
also) are young-earthers when it comes to the creation of man. But I would
suggest that all of those recent creation views violate observational data
and thus are wrong. As Sherlock Holmes said, (something to the effect)
when all other options have been eliminated, what is left, no matter how
unlikely, it is probably the truth.

>One thing that has occurred to me as I have been thinking about it is this:
>If there were really about 5 million years (I hope I remember this figure
>correctly) between the Flood and Abraham, I find it rather strange that,
>though the Flood account is itself recalled in great detail, presumably
>passed down orally from one generation to another, yet in all that time, the
>only other event which made it into the Bible is the Tower of Babel story,
>and that, in comparison, only 'in passing.' Have you had any thoughts
>yourself along these lines?

What about Divine revelation giving the info to Moses? Afterall, divine
revelation HAD to give the info on Chapters 1 and 2 which are also given in
detail. There was no human around for the first Chapter and a half to
observe and then pass things on. I get this question a lot and it is
interesting that often those who ought to believe in divine revelation
don't seem to believe in divine revelation.


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