Re: Introduction

Ed Brayton (
Fri, 29 May 1998 12:11:41 -0400

Adam Shohet wrote:
> I joined this list about a week ago and perhaps now is as good a time as
> any to introduce myself.
> I am a 23yr old evolutionary biologist and I am currently studying for a
> Ph.D in the area of sexual selection.
> Right that's the introductions over with. Now I have a question. How much
> discussion of actual issues is conducted on this list? I don't mean this
> as a slur against anyone, but to date about 75% of postings that I have
> read have dealt primarily with accusations against individuals. If someone
> could fill me in on the current thread under discussion I would be very
> grateful.
> In the meantime I will sit back and wait for the pinching and eye-poking to
> commence.

Hi Adam. You just happened to join the list at a time when there is a
rather acrimonious exchange going on between a few of us, but I assure
you that most of the time the discussions are quite substantive. If you
go back and look at the archive at you'll see that the discussions
are usually quite good. Welcome to the list. What school do you go to,
by the way?