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>>>Non sequitur again. Where do you get the idea I used the term 'fraud'?

Oh, I don't know, I guess when you stated the following
At 04:41 PM 5/22/98 -0500, Ron Chitwood wrote:

> There are so many
>other historical examples of error. Nebraska Man, Piltdown man, the
>recapitulation theory, Neanderthal man, to name just a few. I understand
>that these examples were later found to be fraudulent by other scientists,
>but at the time they were considered the last, most up-to-date word on the

Hoisted on my own pitard, so to speak. Upon looking in my dictionary I DID
use the term incorrectly. I should have used 'in error' rather than

>>>>Come to think of it, many museums did NOT change their dioramas even
> >the truth was different from their exhibits. Isn't that fraud by your
> >definition?<<<

Still awaiting an answer on this.

>>>Darwin believed in pangenesis, the view that various parts of the body
> particles to the semen which then formed a new critter. That view has
> disproven, Darwin's gradualism is not believed by many. But these are
> different from evolution itself. The two guys you are citing disagree
> Darwin's original views not with evolution. <<<

Nordenskjold also mentioned 'other facts of Darwin are all of 2nd rate
value'. Wonder what he meant by that?

Why did Hayward present a whole chapter on precisely what you were
referring to when you indicated that no reputable scientist disagrees with
evolution and defied anyone to come up with an answer to it. ( (This
simply isn't true. Macroevolutin is well regarded by almost all academics.
Can you cite a single, non-christian academic that says that evolution did
not occur?)

>>>But Ron, you keep missing the fact that if 'eretz' the word used to
> describe the 'whole land' or 'whole earth' in Genesis 6-9 is used in
> regards to Abraham where he is told to get off the planet if eretz means
> planet earth. Why did Abraham disobey God and move from Ur to Palestine
> rather than to Mars? Why Ron?<<<
The quotation goes like this in Genesis 12:1. The Lord said to Abram,
"leave your country (or land, strong's 776) your people and your father's
household and go to the land (or country, Strong's 776) I will show you.
The context seems to indicate that God did not call Abram to leave earth
and go to Mars

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and do not rely on your own insight.. Pr. 3:5
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