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Thu, 30 Apr 1998 19:47:28 -0500

At 10:20 AM 4/30/98 -0400, Norm Smith wrote:
>I am not asking for a complex algorithm or
>the like. I am a statistician but at work I
>always tell people that the best "statistics"
>is done by a human eye looking at a good
>graph. I find it hard to believe that one could
>not come up with some way to provide a
>graphical and numerical hierarchy of summaries
>of "naked" geologic data that observers could
>"spot check" for accuracy, in a way that would
>not need to assume or utilize any particular
>theory of the origins of the rocks.
>At any rate, I believe I understand what you
>folk are telling me. There is no such audit trail.

I am not sure that I would agree that there is no audit trail. There are
geologic columns described by the bushel basket throughout geological
literature. A single source for raw geologic observation with references to
where it came from and what journal it is published in is the US Geological
Survey Bulletin 1200, Lexicon of Geologic names of the United States,
1936-1960. And Bulletin 1350 updates that to the year 1967. I don't have
in my library the later updates.

"Manness Shale Member (of South Tyler Formation)

Cretaceous (Comanche Series): Northeeastern Texas (subsurface).
T.L. Bailey, F. G. Evans, and W. S. Adkins, 1945, Am. Assoc. Petroleum
Geologists Bull., v 29,2 p. 176-178, pl. 1. In type well, consists of
faintly laminated to massive bronze or copper-colored and dark-gray
somewhat calcareous clay shale and claystone. Underlies Woodbine
formation; overlise buda limestone. Occurs at depths of 4,705 to 4,766
feet." vol 2,
p. 2347

go to it. There are 4341 pages in the 3 volume set and the 1961-1967
update has 848 pages. There is enough geological trivia to keep any
statistician happy.

>I did try something like that once. In 1983 I was in
>Dallas working for Texas Instruments and tried to get
>transferred to their geologic exploration division and I
>also applied to ARCO there north of Dallas. As for
>going back for a degree, I am 55 and it would probably
>be economically prohibitive.

It is a good thing you didn't get on with GSI. By 1986 they were in serious
trouble throwing everyone out on the street. They were bought out, by ...I
forget, but I believe they exist only as a shell.

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