RE: Where is Geology 401?

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> My point had to do with the many unknowns that exists in our planet and
> regardless of how much time and effort spent this far, mysteries still
> abound..

> > Geologists will *always* be unsure of many things; as John pointed
> > out, though, it does not follow that they're wrong about everything..
> In like manner, they're not right about everything either..

What you've said in these excerpts is very true, Dario.

But remember, no thoughtful geologist would disagree with any of this.
These points are uncontroversial.

What is -very- controversial, because it just doesn't follow at all, is
going from these basic and important points to the strange idea that geology
is "most of the time . . . just guessing", as you put it.

Some things in geology -- like the timing of volcanic eruptions -- involve a
lot of guesswork. Others don't, and so shouldn't be rejected without strong
countervailing reasons.