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Fri, 24 Apr 1998 16:40:42 -0500

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>Actually, it was me who said that, not Glenn, though I'm sure he would
>agree with it. He does have a PhD in that field, after all.

Honesty demands a correction. Thanks for granting me a Ph. D. but I
probably couldn't use your award to get a job. I merely have a B.S. in physics.
I am manager of geophysics for the western US offshore for a large
independent oil company.

> As for index
>fossils, it is true that index fossils are used in the field to identify
>strata, but only tentatively. There are methods that provide double
>checks on it, of course. And, even if you were right about this, that
>still doesn't make it just an "opinion". The use of index fossils is
>based upon many decades of field work correlating fossils and strata and
>this was work was done long before there were any evolutionary
>assumptions to influence it.

I would point out that the people you set up the fossil correlation,
believed in Noah's flood. Steno, William Smith etc.


Adam, Apes, and Anthropology: Finding the Soul of Fossil Man


Foundation, Fall and Flood