Yet more denigrating of Apologists (was Why?)

Thu, 23 Apr 98 11:29:47 -0500

Glenn, my friend,

Though I prefer to remain a quiet member of this list
considering the teachings of others who, on both sides, have
invested much more time into research than I have, I must
boldly confront your following statement as an authority.

you wrote to Ron Chitwood:

>...Are you willing that evidence both in favor of and
> evidence against young earth creationism be taught in
> public schools? .........
> The point of all this is to really determine if you are as
> open-minded and fair to the other side from you as you
> want them to be for your position.

I have a very close personal friend on the Moon Area School
Board in south western Pennsylvania. Knowing my beliefs as
a YEC, he invited me to attend the Education Committee
meeting of the Moon Area Schools in September 1997. He
warned me that there would be a media storm about the
subject to be discussed. The head of the biology department
wished to introduce into the high school biology classes -
"critical thinking" of the present evolutionary curriculum.
I made it a point to sit beside the newspaper reporter and
strike up a conversation with him. The biology dept. head
was supported by the other biology teachers who sat beside
him. They would still present the material as they have for
so long, even using the same evolutionary textbook. All
they wanted to do was to spark the students to question some
of the "facts". I thought this was a good idea and the rest
of those in attendence thought so, also. The meeting was
relaxed and productive.

headline of the Beaver County Times the next day. On the
day after that, the editors blasted Moon Schools for
teaching "poor science". They also went into a tirade about
the evils of Creationism. I called the editor of the paper
and advised him that the word, "creationism", was never used
in the meeting. Nor was it suggested. He not so politely
ended the convesation and invited me to not call him back.

The year before, 1996-1997 school year, Moon Area Schools
attempted to present "Alternate Theories of Origins" for a
one day event in one of the biology classrooms. One of
these "alternate" theories was Creationism. Letters were
sent home to advise parents of the material and that
students were not required to attend this class on this day.
The ACLU sued Moon Area Schools on behalf of an offended
student. There was a second student, who was in a lower
grade, who thought that she might be exposed to the material
and the ACLU made a second lawsuit on her behalf.

Glenn, I'm not making this up.

The above are observable and verifiable facts. My
interpertation of the facts is that there is no
open-mindedness in the American Public
School System. When there is an attempt to open the minds
of our children to let them decide for themselves, there
immediatly follows and overwhelming attack by the American
Press and the ACLU to effectively squash it.

Is this fair?

Your brother in Christ,

Dan Muller