Re: Design of footprints.(was Re: the Wonders of Science)

Ron Chitwood (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 19:27:05 -0500

>>> "Due to an unknown cause, certain of the prints once labeled
human are taking on a completely different character. The prints
in the trail I have called the 'Taylor trail' consisting of
numerous readily visible elongated impressions in a left-right
sequence, have changed into what appear to be tridactyl (three-
toes) prints, evidently of some unidentified dinosaur."~John D.
Morris, "The Paluxy River Mystery," Impact, 151, Jan. 1986. p. ii>>>

Let me quote from a later issue, ACTS & FACTS, p. 5, Vol. 16, #4, April,

"Dr. Baugh and Professor Clark discovered 3 new human-like footprints at
the McFall site, and earlier in the fall (1986) Dr. John DeVilbis and Dr.
Baugh had discovered others. ICR scientists were invited to see asnd
evaluate this new evidence....These newly dicsovered prints show no
evidence at all of the reptile-like discolorations at the other
tracks...based on the higher standards of precision with which Dr. Baugh
is conducting his excavations, along with this new evidence, both Dr.
Morris and Professor McQueen were of the opinion that more research is
warrented....Readers are encouraged to assist Baugh in this potentially
vital work."

Its fascinating to me how you quote from him, even though you adamantly
maintain he is a liar, etc., etc., when his views oppose yours. When is he
right and when is he wrong?

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and do not rely on your own insight.. Pr. 3:5
Ron Chitwood