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Glenn Morton (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 20:26:19 -0500

At 06:27 PM 4/15/98, Dario Giraldo wrote:

>Why don't you try asking the one who was resurrected? That is what we are
>required to do. We're to look at the author and finisher of our faith.
>Science can't lead me to or away from God. It is His Holy Spirit and this
>by His will.

First off, I haven't said that Christ wasn't resurrected. I am trying to
point out that part of Christianity's credibility depends upon the
credibility of Christians themselves. If they ignore scientific data, if
they don't check the facts that they write in their books (like the heaviest
weight moved by modern technology etc.) why should someone believe them when
they say that Christ is resurrected? Maybe you will understand it in these
terms. Do you believe Clinton when he claims to not have had sex with
Monica Lewinsky? Why not? Is it possibly because you don't believe he has
told the truth on other things? If this is the case, why should a
non-christian beleive you if you are wrong on other things?

>If your assertions or any mans' lead me away from God (not saying that
>they are, but this is merely a hypothetical statement), then my faith
>wasn't built on The Rock. 'My message and my preaching were not with wise
>and persuasive words, but with a demostration of the Spirit's power, so
>that your faith might not rest on men's wisdom, but on God's power.' I
>Cor. 2:4-5. And the power of the message is the gospel.
>Lastly, The Bible isn't a scientific journal. So, why is it being treated
>as such? Is one day from man's prespective the same as one day from
>God's perspective?

Have you ever used a scientific argument to support the Bible? If so, then
you have treated it like it relates historical information.

>I perceive that you have good motives behing all the papers you have
>written and appreciate very much to see someone working so hard trying to
>match data with Scripture. I think you should be commended for this
>But truly nobody know exactly. Not the Young, Old, Non Earth Creationist
>and even less the non-creationists. This are matters of mystery that when
>I get over the other side of heaven, if I remember, I'll ask the one who
>created it all.

If no one knows exactly, then why doesn't this apply to the resurrection? I
mean if we can't even determine if God created the world, if we can't
determine if there was a flood (global or otherwise), if we can't determine
the age of the earth or if there is or is not a geologic column, how can we
claim to "truly..know exacatly" that the resurrection occurred. What you
miss is that your treatment of observational data and claim not to be able
to know anything, destroys your entire basis for beleiving the resurrection.

Getting our facts straight is an act of worship!


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