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>I would like to ask for a short summary of the
>chronology of life on earth, with approximate dates
>according to our current understanding. This
>would obviously begin something like this:
>15 billion years ago creation of the universe
>4.5 billion y. a. formation of the earth
>3.8 billion y. a. first appearance of life

I can do some of this. However, at this moment I wouldn't touch the age of
the universe because it is still in flux as near as I can tell. With the
recent evidence favoring the cosmological constant (a repulsive anti-gravity
force) the age of the universe is younger. Unfortunately since I have spent
the past 2 years looking at anthro, I haven't kept up in astronomy.
Billion years ago
age of the Universe 14 (Recer, 1998)
Origin of Solar System 4.6 (Giardini & Melton 1989)
Oldest sediments(Itsaq Gneiss Complex Greenland) 3.85 (Hayes, 1996)
Oldest geochemical evidence of life 3.8 (Mojzsis et al, 1996)
Oldest microfossil of cell 3.5 (Mojzsis et al, 1996)

Million years ago
Oldest sponge (oldest extant phylum) 580 (Li et al, 1998)
Cambrian Explosion 530 (Gould, 1994)
Oldest Cordate 530 (Monastersky, 1996)
Oldest Vascular plant Cooksonia 470 (Cal, 1996)
Oldest fish 460 (Sansom et al, 1996)
Oldest hydrothermal vent communities 420 (Little, 1997)
Oldest amphibian 363 (Carrol, 1996)
Oldest terrestrial worm ~320 (Rolfe 1980, p. 141)
Oldest terrestrial scorpion 310 (rolfe 1980, p. 146)
Oldest spider 295 (Selden, 1996)
Oldest moth 230 (Fraser et al, 1996)
Oldest mammal 180 (Carroll, 1988, p. 401)
Oldest bird Archaeopteryx 145 (Carroll, 1988, p. 338)
Oldest Placental mammal 100 (Wuethrich, 1997)
Oldest Primate 50 (Martin,1993)
Oldest Hominid Ardepithecus 4.4 (Johanson et al,1997)
Earliest dog .015 (Wayne, 1993)


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PAUL RECER, Astronomers Find Antigravity Force 02/26/1998 17:59 EST AP Wire
(sorry but this is the best I can do for the latest on this. It includes the
newest data on the Cosmological constant.

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Adam, Apes, and Anthropology: Finding the Soul of Fossil Man


Foundation, Fall and Flood