Re: half-evolved feather pt 2

Glenn Morton (
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 19:13:37 -0500

At 05:55 AM 4/14/98 +0800, Stephen Jones wrote:

>You just ignore the "reptilian and avian lungs" part! If "Longisquama
>insignis" was indeed transitional between reptiles and birds it would
>need to have these developing as well. Johnson ("Darwin on Trial,"
>1993, p36) cites Denton's conclusion regarding the twin problems of
>the feather and avian lung:

Stephen, I didn't say that Longisquama was an intermediate between birds and
reptiles. I don't know where you got this. But feathers don't have to be
strictly limited to birds. There is other evidence that dinosaurs had
feathers independently of flight. What I said was that this was a possible
half evolved feather.

>You have mentioned that "the first english language report on
>Longisquama appeard in 1972". When was the *latest* journal article
>on it?

Of what value is this? It was mentioned in Nature magazine a few weeks ago
which is where I learned of it.


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