Re: Design of Faces

Jim Bell (
Sat, 11 Apr 1998 14:56:06 -0400

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Message text written by Glenn Morton

"And failing any substantive response, you begin a long ad hominem."

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But it was you who ignored the substance, Glenn. I pointed out how your
thinking is inconsistent, and when it comes to design actually incoherent
(you misuse "purpose" and misunderstand ID theory--at least in your last

And where was my "long" ad hominem? Was it my comparing you to an
armadillo? Was that it?

Well, I apologize for that. It isn't fair to the armadillos.

[I couldn't resist, Glenn. That's an old Groucho Marx joke]

Now please, don't get touchy on me, after all we've been through together
[goodness knows you've used the 'lawyer' epithet against me quite enough].
Just stay on track and go back and tell me why you used "purpose" in the
manner you did, and why you can draw inferences when it pleases you, but
ignore them when it doesn't.