Re: The wonders of science.

Ed Brayton (
Sat, 11 Apr 1998 02:04:50 -0400

Bill Payne wrote:
> Ed Brayton wrote:
> > In another debate with an evolutionist, Kent Hovind claimed that men
> > were smarter and stronger before the flood, and his proof for this was
> > that they could build the pyramids and we couldn't today. The man is
> > either breathtakingly stupid or a first class con man.
> Kent is a personal friend of mine and he's certainly not stupid; if he's
> the latter, he has certainly conned me.

I'm sure Kent is a nice guy. I've spoken to him on the phone a few times
and he is pleasant enough. But the absolute nonsense that he shovels out
in his seminars, videos and writings speaks for itself. He has made all
of the following claims in his seminars:

1. AIDS was invented in a lab in Maryland for the purpose of reducing
the world's population.
2. Lucy's knee joint was found a mile away from the rest of the
3. UFOs are "satanically owned and operated" and used to transport the
devil from place to place because, unlike god, he can't be in all places
at all times.
4. The Egyptian pyramids were built before the flood. Tell me, then, how
they rest on top of nearly a mile of sedimentary rock that was allegedly
laid down BY the flood, and how the thriving Egyptian civilization that
built them managed not to notice that they were all drowned and killed?
5. Christians are going to be locked away in prison camps by the New
World Order.
6. The Hebrew phrase for "gopher wood" really means "laminated wood".
What is the Hebrew word for "laminated"?
7. All of the Archaeopteryx fossils were "deliberate frauds".
8. The Smithsonian Institute murdered 33,000 people and have their
skeletons in the basement of the Institute.
9. Neil Armstrong exclaimed "It's solid!" when he stepped on the moon
because he was sure there would be over 100 feet of dust.
10. Evolution was responsible for the way the American government
treated the Indians (before 1859?).

Those are just the first ten that occured to me. I've got files full of
many more. He flat out refuses to have a written discussion, where his
references could be checked and his claims examined in detail. He
challenged me to a public debate on it, then found one reason after
another to back out of it. The funniest excuse he used was that he
shouldn't debate me (after he challenged ME) because I don't have a PhD
in a scientific field. Coming from a man who has an absolutely worthless
doctorate from a mail order university whose catalog has cartoons on
every page and accepts love offerings for payment, that excuse
absolutely dripped with irony. I'm sorry. Breathtaking stupidity or
transparent con man seem the only two options here.


What about the following Ed,
> are we stupid to believe this, or are we being conned once again? :-)
> "In the ancient city of Sacsahuaman, near the city of Cuzco, Peru, there
> is a magnificent wall built by the Incas, deliberately using irregularly
> shaped blocks of stone. Some of the blocks weigh as much as 100 tonnes
> and are so accurately fitted together that still today it is not
> possible to insert a piece of paper in the joints between the blocks.
> Even more incredible, however, is a larger stone block in the area. The
> size of a five-storey house and weighing an estimated 20,000 tonnes, the
> builders of Sacsahuaman could, and somehow did, move this block! The
> feat of moving such a staggering weight has never been attempted, let
> alone duplicated, with modern machinery. Even the largest crane in the
> world today is capable of lifting only about 3,000 tonnes." (Rene
> Noorbergin, _Secrets of the Lost Races: New Discoveries of Advanced
> Technology in Ancient Civilizations_, Norcom Pub. Co., TN, 1977, cited
> in Donald Chittick, _The Puzzle of Ancient Man_, Creation Compass,
> 1997. Quoted here from "Creation ex nihilo", Vol. 20 no. 2, March-May,
> 1998, p 13)
> Bill Payne