Re: Design of Faces

Jim Bell (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 20:01:27 -0400

Message text written by Glenn Morton

> Behe defines design as
"The purposeful arrangement of parts." Fine, but how do I determine your
"purpose"???? Determination of purpose is a subjective, inferential

Funny, but I think it's pretty evident you have a purpose, Glenn. You were
designed to confuse. And you do it well. ;-)

Seriously, confuse purpose with intent. Bad move. That's not
how the word is used by Behe and IDers. They are talking about
functionality. You want to switch this to a metaphysical inquiry.

Truth be told, you use one pattern of thinking to suit your own purposes,
and switch it off when convenient. You say, for example, that some
artifacts found with Neanderthal bones lead to the conclusion that
Neanderthal invented them (as opposed to stealing them or getting them as a
special deal on the Cro-Magnon shopping network). Why, Glenn? What is your
objective criterion? Ah, I see...

Every time you defend one of your ideas, you argue inferentially. Not
successfully, to be sure, but that's what you're doing. Now, when it comes
to design in nature, you backpeddle faster than an armadillo on the

The point is the process of inference in science is the same.You can't
ignore it when the inferences go against you. Remember, armadillos are
routinely squashed by intelligently designed semi-trucks..