Design of Faces

Jim Bell (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 11:06:19 -0400

Message text written by Glenn Morton

>What is the objective definition of design and how can it be applied to
now-randomly made face on Mars?<

Obviously, design is a consociation of intelligence and purpose.

Now here's the interesting part. Originally, the surface of Mars was
thought to be designless. Then, someone sees a face! Evidence of design,
for sure. Then, upon closer inspection, it appears the face was not the
product of design at all.

The opposite dynamic is at play in evolution. Originally, man looked
designed and everyone believed it. Then, Darwin et al. proprosed this isn't
the case at all, but rather we are byproducts of randomness plus selection.
Now, however, upon closer inspection (e.g., Behe et al.) it looks once more
as if intelligent design is the case after all!

Now, just as it was once understandable for people to jump on the Darwinian
bandwagon because of what was then known (or discoverable), we oughtnow to
abandon Darwinism because of what we know now (and discover).

Is this subject to change? Of course. That's science. But right now the
science points to ID, and Glenn has brought to light the very process that
leads us to conclude thus.