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At 05:49 AM 4/9/98 -0500, Ron Chitwood wrote:
>GM>>>"Longisquama insignis is a remarkable, tiny (some 50 millimeters[2 in]
>presumed thecodont from the late Triassic of Turkestan and the only known
>reptile to possess scales that show a possible intermediacy with feathers.
>The tiny specimen is preserved in its entirety, crushed on a slab. it
>exhibits an antorbital fenestra, a well-developed furcula, and long keeled,
>overlapping body scales." Alan Feduccia, The Origin and Evolution of Birds,
>1996, p. 87<<<
>The normal wishful thinking of a macroevolutionist.


Are you implying that it is fine for Christian apologists to make any
statement whatsoever even if it violates the known facts?

Part of my point in that fossil is that while it may be fine to disagree
that this is evidence of a half evolved feather, it is NOT alright for Davis
and Kenyon to claim that there is NO evidence of half evolved feather.
There is evidence, but one might not wish to accept it.

Consider Morris and Parker's statement:

"There are no true transitional forms (that is, in the sense of
forms containing incipient, developing or transitional structures
- such as half- scales/half feathers, or half-legs/ half wings)
anywhere among all the billions of known fossil forms." ~Henry M.
Morris and Gary E. Parker, What is Creation Science?, (El Cajon:
Master Books, 1987), p. 11

This is fossil evidence which can be interpreted as a half-evolved feather
and the legs of Ichthyostega were half evolved legs because they could not
support the weight of the animal (for details see my web page

When an apologist ignores data like the above, they make our children
vulnerable to the atheist because all the atheist has to do is point out
what I have pointed out, i.e. that the statements " there is no fossil
evidence" are factually erroneous. And then the atheist says, "If they are
wrong on this issue why aren't they wrong about the Bible?" And like a
perjuror in court, once caught in error, (especially unadmitted error) it is
harder to regain credibility.

By doing what they are doing, they are doing their best to make the Bible false!


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