The wonders of science. -Reply

Kevin Koenig (
Tue, 07 Apr 1998 14:24:40 -0500

I don't understand, the inference of this post seems to be that if I
accept evolution I am an atheist.

How often do people accept the products that have been gleaned
from the scientific process without question? When the same
process is used in evolution it is met with scorn.

Kevin Koenig

>>> "Juan D. Guzman" <> 04/07/98
09:32pm >>>
I was just sitting here thinking, rare as the occasion is, and I came
something that I thought I would share with you all.

Science has this wonderful way of looking at things and
between the natural and the made. For example when an
stumbles upon a rock he/she will go examine the rock in several
ways and
determine if the rock is just a plain old rock, or if it is an artifact of
a distant civilization. Many times the conclusion is based on the
that the rock has complexity that cannot be attributed to nature,
leads the archeologist to conclude that the rock was made by an

I find it very odd that, while it is so evident to these scientists that
the rock had a maker, they look at living things and basically
all of living nature to chance. The complexity of nature far
excedes that
of the rock on the ground yet this complexity came about by
chance. This
is one of the things that keeps me from embracing the theory of
in its entirety.

Well I just thought that I would share that.

Best Regards,

J.D. Guzman