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Mon, 06 Apr 1998 18:42:22 -0500

At 09:05 AM 4/6/98 -0400, Bill Hamilton wrote:
>Glenn MOrton wrote
>>Feduccia and Wild relate:
>>"Megalancosaurus, in combination with Longisquama, a Lower
>>Triassic thecodont with featherlike scales and furcula, render
>>this group (basal archosaurs, including thecodonts) the most
>>liekly candidate for proximity to avian ancestry."~A. Feduccia
>>and R. Wild, "Birdlike Characters in the Triassic Archosaur
>>Megalancosaurus," Naturwissenschaften, 80(1993):564-566
>Do they explain what evidence they found of feather-like scales? Did the
>scales actually fossilize? Or were they working with impressions, perhaps
>left in mud that hardened and was preserved? I'd go check this myself, but
>my German isn't very good.

My German is non-existent. The article is in English. I am trying to get
the original references they cite which are

A. G. Sharove Tr. Akad. Nauk. SSSR Palaeont. Inst. 130, 104(1971

P. F. A. Maderson, Am. Natu. 106:424 (1972

H. Haubold et al, Acad. Sci. Paris 305(2)(1987) p. 645

Until then I can't answer your questions. This fossil was cited in a
discussion of bird origins recently which is where I first found it, and I
am trying to chase this down.


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