Re: fish and the flood

Ron Chitwood (
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 06:41:15 -0600

>>>GMObviously we don't have the molecular patterns from the fish that were

actually invovled in the transition. They died over 360 million years ago.

What we have is the molecular patterns of their offspring 360 million years

removed. This information would not really prove much about what happened
that far back in the detail you would want to have.<<<

What about gradation?

The 'molecular structure' comment I made wasn't clear. I had in mind
animals that are alive today that left a fossil record. The animals that
are still living that left fossil records 'millions' of years ago
apparently have no molecular relationship to the 'progression' from fish to
amphibian to reptile. Something absolutely necessary. To quote Behe in
DARWIN'S BLACK BOOK pp 25 - "Yet for the Darwinian theory of evolution to
be true, it has to account for the molecular structure of life. It is the
purpose of this book to show that it does not."

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Ron Chitwood