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Wed, 01 Apr 1998 21:49:36 -0600

At 10:02 PM 4/1/98 -0600, Ron Chitwood wrote:
>GM>>>>First, it does exist in its entirety
>in over 20 different places around the earth
>(contrary to young-earth creationist claims<<<
>Welcome back!
Thank you.

> Before I begin to answer your other questions how many total places on
>earth do NOT reflect the geologic column you base your assertions on? All
>your data seems to be based on the assumption of huge amounts of geologic
>time and that the geologic column is standard everywhere.

I am firmly convinced that geologic time is absolutely required to explain
any part of the geologic column. I do not have to have the entire geologic
column all over the earth. Today, as we converse, erosion is busy removing
parts of the geologic column from all over North America and depositing the
particles of eroded rock in the oceans that surround the continent. Thus,
there is very little modern sedimentation occuring in western Oklahoma or
even here in Dallas. No rational view of geology requires that the entire
geologic column exists everywhere. But in a global flood, one would expect
a far more uniform deposition than is actually found. Afterall, there is
little time for 10,000 feet of sediments to be eroded off of the Appalachian
mountains and then have them buried by 2500 feet of younger sediments. If
you don't think this happened then you haven't seen any seismic data from
Southern Georgia or Alabama.

To answer your question more directly, most of the area of the earth has
only fractions of the standard column. But what is there is always in the
correct order, even in the overthrusts.

>I am also interested in fossils that represent the gradation from fish to
>amphibian to reptile and if their molecular structure represents gradation.

Obviously we don't have the molecular patterns from the fish that were
actually invovled in the transition. They died over 360 million years ago.
What we have is the molecular patterns of their offspring 360 million years
removed. This information would not really prove much about what happened
that far back in the detail you would want to have.


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