Note from list manager

Terry M. Gray (
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 14:34:19 -0500

I am getting an increasing number of error messages from lapsed email
addresses. I have been fairly patient with this and have not unsubscribed
people right away. But I'm afraid to say that it has gotten a bit out of
control and the volume of error messages generated by a given mailing is
somewhat sizeable. In the interest of conserving bandwidth I plan to act
ruthlessly. So if your email account generates an error message that I
receive due to your server being down or to your mailbox being full or to
your account or sever having been unplugged forever, I will likely
unsubscribe your address.

Obviously, you may not get this message if this applies to you, but if you
get unsubscribed from the group by one of my clean-up rampages, just
resubscribe (send email to with "subscribe listname"
(no quotes with listname being asa, evolution, asa-digest, or

Finally, I'd ask that if you discontinue an email account that you
unsubscribe from the list yourself.


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