YEC vs Biblical creationist

Glenn Morton (
Fri, 28 Mar 1997 16:25:02 -0600

I have been following the discussion of what YECs want to be called only
loosely. So I don't know if anyone has cited this yet. I just got my Act &
Facts today and saw this from Henry Morris, speaking of theistic evolutionists,

"Then they go on patronizingly to deplore the supposed anti-intellectualism
of what they call 'young-earth creationism' (this is their term; we prefer
'Biblical creationism' or 'literal creationism'" Henry Morris, "Old Earth
Creationism, Back to Genesis No. 100, April 1997, p. a

I too find this odd that he would say that this is "their" term. Henry and
others have used the term a lot over the years.


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