Comment on comment to Elsberry

Wesley R. Elsberry (
Thu, 27 Mar 97 13:33:49 CST

B>Ellsberry writes a long essay on how he dislikes ICR's tactics
B>and changes over the years and how he sees them as dishonest,
B>etc. He then says that this history is justification enough for
B>not treating them with courtesy.


B>I disagree. In the world to come, will you treat them differently?

I don't think that my intended point got across, length or

The issue as I see it is that we have here conflicting
pressures. On the one hand, we have the compunction to use
courteous address in our dealings with others. As I mentioned,
the fact that courtesy is not returned is not an excuse for
discourtesy. On the other hand, there is the pressure to
communicate concepts accurately. It is this pressure that I
feel overrides the specific call for courtesy that you made on
behalf of Morris. Does LC accurately delineate ICR-style
creationism? I think the answer is quite clearly "No". The
argument for abandonment of YEC as a designator is further
weakened by its long common usage within the community with
which Henry Morris is recognized. I don't see a
counter-argument forwarded for why accuracy should be set aside
in this case.

In short, I say yes to courtesy *except* for when it leads to