Reply to Russ

John W. Burgeson (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 17:40:30 -0500

Russ Cannon wrote, in part:

"I appreciate the opportunity to comment on what you shared from the ICR

Many of the things I've read of Henry Morris' and other YEC's about OEC's
and TE's is that we are doing the work of Satan or that we are denying the
infallibility of scripture. (Yes, such terminology has been used from time
to time.)

Henry Morris has been a key player in the various ecumenical groups that
have been brought together to consider whether OEC is heretical. One group
was asked to vote on whether a Christian had to believe YEC to be
considered truly Christian. The result on the question was one vote short
of unanimous that a Christian *could* believe OEC and still be considered
Christian. The one vote against was that of Henry Morris. ..."

Having had personal conversation with Morris on his subject (in 1988), I
have to probe you here. When and where and how documented? How was the
particular question posed?

"The question about whether "young earth creationsim" or "literal
creationism" is a more appropriate term depends on whether we want a
descriptive term or a pejorative term. "

I disagree. My aim is to see if we can draw together, the ICR people and
those of us who think the scientific evidence for an old earth is so
overwhelming as to make irrational a young earth position. The reason for
wanting us to draw together is because we serve the same Lord. I think
that's reason enough. Morris has made a statement about what labels he is
comfortable with -- and which one (YEC) he is not. As a common courtesy to
a fellow Christian, Morris, is seems to me we ought to quit using a term he
does not accept. That does not mean use his term, if we are not
comfortable. There are lots of terms we have not thought of yet.

"LC is a condescending term (in a backward way toward OEC's) that is
designed by Henry Morris to exclude
OEC from acceptance as a legitimate Christian doctrine."

I don't know the motives of Morris in this; neither do you.
But in any event, motives are not the issue. Courtesy is.

Appreciate your comments.