Tne NTSE & "Competition"

John W. Burgeson (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 10:39:02 -0500

I just received the April 1997 issue of ACTS & FACTS from my friends at
ICR. I note that at the same time there were 120 or so gathered at the NTSE
in Austin, there were an estimated 10,000 people reached with the competing
paradigm of young-earth creationism.

In ththe issue I observe that Henry Morris prefers the term "literal
creationism" to "young earth creationism." I don't see any reason why "LC"
is not an acceptable substitute for "YEC," particularly as it does
establish a definitional point where we can agree on something. This point
is found on page b of a short article on the subject "Old Earth
Creationism." Morris makes the point that "YEC" is a name bestowed by ICR
opponents, and, as such, I suggest we abandon its use altogether in the
name of Christian harmony.

Morris also offers the term "Biblical Creationism," which, I think, is not
so good, as it defines, by implication, all other positions as
"unbiblical," thus claiming the high ground in a debate over where the
high ground lies.

Morris has some things to say both about the ASA and about the REASONS TO
BELIEVE ministry of Hugh Ross. He sees them as making a "serious mistake."

The key point of the debate centers in the following paragraph, quoted in
its entirety from the article:

"The difference is this: we believe the Bible must take priority over
scientific theories, while they believe scientific theories must determine
our Biblical interpretations."

Among the members of these LISTSERVs are some LCs (used to be called YECs).
Comments by them on the Morris article might be fruitful. Does he speak for