Re: The Poll (was Why the Flood can not be in Mesopotamia)

Stephen Jones (
Thu, 20 Mar 97 05:31:04 +0800


On Fri, 07 Mar 1997 10:33:31 -0500, Brian D Harper wrote:


>SJ>2. The message was not cc'ed to me and because I was only reading
>messages with "Stephen" or "Jones" in them in order to catch up, and
>Brian's message contained neither, I did not even see it. The poll
>was all over when I heard about it from a lurker.

BH>But on Tues. Jan 7 you wrote (see above):
SJ>My new strategy will be to filter all mail with "Steve", "Stephen"
>"SJ" and "Jones" into a separate in-basket. I will answer those
>first before I look at the other mail in my in-basket.

BH>Which is it?

Another attempt by Brian to trap me? But I had already explained to
Brian that as I got Steve Clark's mail as well, I was only filtering
on "Stephen" and "Jones":

On Wed, 26 Feb 97 07:36:52 +0800, Stephen Jones wrote Re: 1. Re:
Bombardier Beetle Poll, 2. The Poll:


>No email was sent specifically to me. I did not even see Brian's
>message announcing the poll until a lurker sent me a private message
>about how he had voted. To save time I was only reading mail that
>had "Stephen" and "Jones" in it and Brian's poll announcement
>contained neither. It did contain "Steve" but because that included
>Steve Clark's mail I was not reading those.


Brian could claim that as there was "Steve" in his post, he thought
that I would see it. That's why I have not claimed Brian was
deliberately trying to hide his poll announcement from me. But that
does not explain why he didn't give me prior notice so that I could
put my side of the case, since he knew that I was struggling to catch
up and probably would not see it until after almost everyone else did
(which in fact happened). I can only conclude that he was either
indifferent to whether I saw it in time, or else hoped that I
wouldn't see it in time. I will be charitable and assume the former,
which is bad enough.

In fact, now that I have got my automatic filtering working
(previously I was doing it manually), I am actually only filtering on
"Jones" as I find that separates my mail nicely. I am scanning other
messages in my Inbox quickly and responding to some, but it is always
possible that I will miss something with only "Stephen" in it.

God bless.


PS: in reviewing this post before sending, I have decided to add two
more filters, namely "Stephen" and "SJ".

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