albino frogs

Geoff Bagley (
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 21:01:30 GMT

The group might be interested in reports on BBC radio and some English
newspapers today (12/3/97).Albino frogs (presumably Rana temporaria) are on
the increase in Cornwall in the south-west tip of England. The frogs are
yellow, pink or orange in colour and their increase is reported as being
possibly due to global warming. According to the reports, albino frogs as
tadpoles will be able to absorb less solar radiation - presumambly due to
lack of melanin - and will not be able to survive colder climates. As the
albino frogs are increasing in frequency, this could be due to global
warming allowing them to survive. None of the reporst I've seen or heard
tried to give any underlying genetic explanation.

Geoff Bagley