Re: NTSE #15

Murphy (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 20:22:38 -0500

John W. Burgeson wrote:
> NTSE #15
> Uploaded by permission from Rob Koons by Burgy
> NTSE Final Report
> Conference on Naturalism, Theism, and the Scientific Enterprise
> University of Texas at Austin
> February 20-23, 1997
> Reflections from an Organizer
> Prof. Robert C. Koons

A comment on just one point in this report:

> We should not expect intelligent design theory to offer much, if anything,
> in the way of support to Christian theology, which, in any case, does not
> stand in need of any such support.

A stronger statement is possible. Some Christian theologies - &
IMO some of those which deal best with science and creation - not only
do not expect or need support from science which intends to be
explicitly theistic. They are in fact opposed to the idea that there
should be such a theistic science.
Some philosophers and scientists may argue that theology should
not set any boundaries for them, and that they should be free to
consider theistic models without constraint from theologians. But
speaking about anything "theistic" without a clear idea of who or what
_ho theos_ is is a dubious procedure. & if the claim is that philosophy
by itself can provide an adequate concept of God, then a very
fundamental conflict with Christian theology proper is joined.
George Murphy