Russell T. Cannon (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 17:21:58 -0600

I am finally back from Hawaii.

I have been following the discussions with much interest, but have only
now been able to interject.

By the way, being that I am a newcomer to the list, I should let
everyone know where I am coming from. I am not a scientist. I have
only a limited background in the various fields of science, but I have
read a great deal from many different sources.

I take the "old-earth creationism" view. It is a belief which is based
in part on scripture and in part on my limited understanding of various
scientific discoveries and theories. I do not believe in evolution, I
believe in God; but I do believe that God used both natural and
extra-natural mechanisms that taken as a whole are what some interpret
as natural evolution and others interpret as super-natural creation.

No man is objective. The interpretation that each person makes in
various areas of study is always biased by his or her beliefs. None of
us can completely separate ourselves from our core beliefs. A belief or
disbelief in God either way affects all other interpretations and
conclusions a person makes.

I am no exception. The interpretations that I make and conclusions I
reach are going to exist within the context of a belief in God and the
truth of His scriptures. I will not shove these beliefs onto anyone,
but they are the fundamental truths upon which I build my life and
everything I study conforms to them. Nevertheless, I have had to make
many changes to my doctrinal opinions due to things that I have learned
in studying both the scriptures and the sciences. In all my studies,
however, I have never found anything that posed a serious challenge to
my core beliefs.

Russell T. Cannon