Re: NTSE #11 and Dembski and CSI

Bill Hamilton (
Fri, 7 Mar 1997 16:29:13 -0500

Paul Nelson wrote

>P.S. to Pim van Meurs. Write to Stephen Gould, and ask him for
>the observational evidence that the panda's thumb is suboptimal.
>Not his opinion. The evidence.

Optimization is a process of achieving a maximal or minimal value of a
performance index subject to a constraint set. I would ask Dr. Gould to
specify the performance index and the constraint set, and _then_ provide
the observational evidence.

Tough? Oh well. We engineers are like that...

I will reiterate that reading Paul's paper led me to specualte that if
optimal design is a metaphor for what God did in designing forelimbs, that
his intent may have been do design a very adaptable mechanism. The number
of instances in which is it used seems to indicate that he was successful.

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