Time Travel Craft anyone ?

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At 06:17 AM 3/4/97 -0600, Glenn Morton wrote:

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> There are 13 generations between David and Abraham
>who lived about 1800 B.C. thus during this period either one must believe
>that the average man sired his son at age 61 or that only 1/3 of the people
>are listed.


Eventhough I don't want to engage in another endless argument, I dug up
these quotes:

Gen. 11:10 -Sem is 102 years old when his first born is conceived.
Gen. 17:17 -Abraham is 99 years old when Sara (90 years old) conceived Isaac.
Gen. 23:1 -Sarah died at 127 years of age. Abraham is 127 years old.
Gen. 25:1-2 -Abraham sired six more children with second wife.
Gen. 25:26 -Isaac is 58 years old when Rebeca conceived twins.

And the list goes on, Jacob was 90 when he sired Joseph. So far these four
had an average of 87 1/4 years when they sired children.

>There are 20 generations from Abe to Adam, who supposedly lived
>4004 BC. A difference of around 2100 years. During this period one must
>believe the average siring tookplace at 105 years. There are lots of gaps
>in these records, I just believe that there are more than you but we both
>MUST believe that there are gaps.

Must believe in gaps ?? Why ?

Let's use 4004 BC as a starting point:

Year Birth of: Age Siring Children
4004 Adam 130
3874 Seth 105
3769 Enos 90
3679 Cainan 70
3609 Mahaleel 65
3544 Jared 162
3382 Enoch 65
3317 Methuselah 187
3130 Lamech 182
2948 Noah 500
2448 Sem 102
2348 Flood -Couldn't resist :-)
2346 Arphaxad 35
2311 Salah 35
2281 Heber 30
2247 Peleg 30
2217 Reu 30
2185 Serug 30
2155 Nahor 29
2126 Terah 130
1996 Abraham 99
1896 Isaac 58

>Look at Luke 3:36 where a new guy is
>inserted into the genalogy who does not appear in Genesis.

Unfortunately we don't have access to the records and lineage archives that
Luke had in the 1st century so we can't really know why the name is there.
It could have been a levirate marriage, but nobody in their day questioned
or challenged the validity of the lineage.

Paul was a Pharisee. If you have any idea of what a Pharisee was, you know
they knew the Torah forward and backwards. Literally. Could begin quoting
from the middle of any scroll (No chapter and verse here) and recite it
forward or backwards. Try this with John 3:16. Tough ha ?

Yet he didn't claim it to be false and to the contrary later on he wrote
that all Scripture is inspired and given for teaching, correcting,
preaching and our benefit.

Lastly, the historians Josephus and Eusebius documented the vast archives
that existed on the 1st century so the lineage lines could be traced. We
see that people didn't have any trouble when the emperor ordered the census
in Jesus' day. The had to go to their corresponding village and they did so.

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