Re: Oldest Stone Tools and Intelligence

Jim Bell (70672.1241@CompuServe.COM)
04 Mar 97 19:45:04 EST

Sheesh, Glenn, it's not like you've been waiting to spring old news on me or
anything, is it? You must have been pacing up and down your living room,
muttering, "I wish that Jim Bell would post another message, heh heh. Won't HE
be surprised. Heh heh. Where'd I put the Nyquil?"

What it comes down to, I think, is this:

<<I consider the last statement equivalent to your saying that spiritual man
was only 34,000 years old or less.>>

Well, you're wrong.

There, that clears that up. Sorry you had to wait all this time for the
answer, but it was obvious. Don't ever dicker with a lawyer over words, my
friend. Think of all that pacing you could have saved.

<<By the way, doess anatomically modern man found 120,000 years ago bear the
image of God or is he merely an animal that looks like you and me? You never
answered that question either. You ran from it like a rooster from a fox.>>

It's more how I walk away from those guys who scream on the corner of
Hollywood and Vine all day. ;-).

We talked about the lack of African archaeology, etc. Remember? Be patient.
120,000 is RECENT, and modern man explodes on the scene. What's the problem?

<<So why are there some spiritual humans who even in this century, are living
with stone age technology.>>

You've used this tired chestnut so many times I'm beginning to think YOU
should be the one roasting on an open fire. I've answered it as many times:
capacity, lad, capacity. Remember our friend Ishi? He could learn, he was
anatomically modern, brainwise and every other way, just like your modern,
stone-age-tool buddies.

And again I remind you that tribal enclaves are not the same as an entire
species. You keep making category mistakes, and it leads you into all sorts of

The bottom line remains: Pushing back activities like stone tools and spear
making work against your theory.

Now take a slug of Nyquil and get some sleep.