Who said it?

John W. Burgeson (burgy@compuserve.com)
Tue, 4 Mar 1997 15:35:12 -0500

To Steve Jones:

You asked "who said it, the dean or Phil Johnson?"

It was Phil. Sorry for not making that clear.

You commented on Schafersman a lot. You really need to read his paper. He
writes well and, whether one agrees with him or not, is interesting.
Criticisms of him from what I write are not likely to be on target.

On the question (theists ought not be scientists on moral grounds) that he
makes, he specifically says it is a moral question -- but not an ethical
one; he does not accuse theistic scientists of acting in bad faith. Rather,
he describes it as a sort of "lack of courage."

I had seen your description of Schafersman by Gish before, of course. The
person Gish described did not fit the appearance or conduct of the person I
encountered. Yes, they are the same person.

You probably asked me another question or two in the last evolution-digest
I received; apologies for missing any others. For me, specifically, it
helps if you add me to the copy list when you ask me somehing on the