Re: Oldest Stone Tools and Intelligence

Jim Bell (70672.1241@CompuServe.COM)
04 Mar 97 15:13:57 EST

Glenn wrote:

<<Of Christian apologetical view, mine is the only one which can
easily incorporate such discoveries>>

You get 10 points for brass, 0 points for humility...and negative points for

<< All of the above, combined with the other new discoveries, that
Homo erectus was a hunter, not a scavenger and that some hominid
lived in Siberia, 300,000 years ago, has shown that ancient man
was far more intelligent and resourceful than was previously believed. >>

In fact, all discoveries which push such hominid activity backward in time
burst your balloon. As with the Oldowan stone tools that go back 250,000 years
more than previously thought, you have to explain the greater and greater
un-human-like stasis that the record reflects. Further, your "technological
dark age" becomes increasingly untenable. It looks as if it was not a dark age
at all, but merely an age without human-like innovation.

So it is fancy, not fact, that leads to "mine is the only one..."
Archaeological discovery and hermeneutical uncleanliness defeat you from two
sides at once.