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Tue, 4 Mar 97 13:36:29 CST

I just subscribed to the list, read the response, and learned
that I should send a post introducing myself.

I'm Wesley R. Elsberry, and I am currently a graduate student
in the Department of Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences at Texas A&M
University. My academic background includes a BS in zoology
(U. Florida), MSCS Computer Science (UT@Arlington), and my
current program in WFSC. My work background has included
photography, anesthesiology research, veterinary physiology
research, statistics consulting, care in hyperbaric chambers,
programming F-16 fire-control computers, programming USAF map
databases, and artificial neural network applications. My
research area is bioacoustics, with my dissertation topic set
as modelling the perception and classification of cetacean
biosonar. I'm currently working on the FINSCAN project for
dolphin photoidentification.

More to the point of this list, I've been involved in online
discussions of evolution and SciCre since the mid-80's in
various fora. I'm a longtime participant on
(since 1992), and the founder of the FidoNet Evolution Echo.
I've contributed to the t.o. FAQ archive.

My major motivation in participation has been the issue of whether
we will continue to teach science and only science in the science

Around 1984, I attended a lecture given on YEC by a geologist.
Not having much familiarity with geology, many of his arguments
sounded not just plausible, but conclusive. After the lecture,
I talked with the speaker, who gave me a copy of Henry Morris'
"The Scientific Case for Creation". As I read that book, I
started highlighting things that were pretty obviously
contrafactual. I think that there are perhaps five pages total
without highlighter in the book now. I also learned that many
if not most of the arguments given by the original lecturer
were also bogus. This helped spur me to investigate the topic
further and get involved in the discussions.

I was at the recent NTSE conference, where my presentation
title was "Enterprising Science Needs Naturalism". The paper
is on the WWW at

My WWW home page is at

I'm revamping the pages currently. The new look will be at

And a book has recently been published from a conference I
helped organize in 1992, "OPTIMALITY IN BIOLOGICAL AND
ARTIFICIAL NETWORKS?", which is described at:


Wesley R. Elsberry, 6070 Sea Isle, Galveston TX 77554. Central Neural System
BBS, 409-737-5222, 1:385/385, ANNs, GAs, Alife, AI, evolution, and more.
Student in Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences.
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