Re: River Floods, Mud, and Grounded ships

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At 08:08 PM 3/3/97 +0800, Stephen Jones wrote:

>Glenn's basic assumption is that there must be a naturalistic
>explanation of the Flood and supernatural explanations are just
>ignored. This is simply theistic naturalism. He assumes that
>Noah's Flood was just an ordinary Flood, yet the Biblical evidence
>is that it was definitely no ordinary Flood.

I agree with Stephen here. I have been to Glenn's web site and began
reading his material. I found many items to be contradictory to
Scripture and although he doesn't think so, they are.

I have approached Jewish rabbis and graduated Scriptural Teachers
and ran some of his (and other's views in this list) by them to see if
there is room for thier type of views. There is room, if one throws away
the concept of infallibility of Scripture. This isn't a position that I will
follow or accept.

Moreover, I have found that people who have never seen the supernatural
power of God function before their eyes, have a very tough time believing
that He is capable of working supernatural acts. They still try to fit The
Maker of the Universe in a box, their box, without any room for deviation.

Yet one reads their material and looking at the same group of bones, one
claims to see a bird with lizard's teeth and other a lizard with bird

One item on the flood. It was an event of epic proportions. We find that
men lived before the flood:

Adam 930 years
Seth 912
Enosh 905
Kenan 910
Mahalalel 895
Jared 962
Enoch 365 - God took him so he never died
Methusaleh 969
Lamech 777
Noah 950

After the flood:

Shem 600 -Born 100 years before the flood
Arpachs 438
Shelah 433
Eber 462
Peleg 239 -the earth is divided (Gen. 10:25)
Reu 239
Serug 230
Nahor 148
Terah 205
Abraham 175
Isaac 180

Something changed the environment on the planet that reduced the human
considerably. Strong global impact from a local flood. And if the Mare
Nostrum basin was the one filled, then a whole lot of water must have come
from somewhere. There is the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean, Aegean,
Ligurian, Tyrrhenian, Ionian, Adriatic and Black seas that are connected.
Yes sir, lotsa water.

> snip...
> declare his 5.5 mya Australopithecine/Homo habilis/Homo erectus

This position contradicts the 3rd chapter of Luke vs. 23-38 where the reader
is taken from Jesus to Adam. And there aren't that many thousands of years
between them.

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