OPC trial update

Terry M. Gray (grayt@calvin.edu)
Mon, 3 Mar 1997 15:11:55 -0500

To anyone interested:

The results of the OPC General Assembly action against was announced last
summer. I have finally managed to get the excerpts from the minutes on the
"trial web site". You can get to them from the main index at

Here's the new text that was added to the index page:

The actions of the 63rd General Assembly of the OPC (meeting at Geneva
College, Beaver Falls, June 6-13, 1996) concerning Dr. Gray's views. These
are excerpts from the official minutes of the Assembly. The Assembly upheld
the charges against Dr. Gray by a vote of roughly 85-25 (unofficial count).
The case was discussed in depth by Advisory Committee #10 which had both a
majority and a minority report. A protest against the Assembly's action was
later entered signed by 8 members of the Assembly.

The ecclesiastical censure of indefinite suspension from office was
pronounced against Dr. Gray. A written
explanation of the censure was distributed to the Harvest OPC congregation.


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