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Sorry to abuse your modems/ethernet cards, but I have been engaged in
several discussions on two other listserves. In age discussions I am
inevitably hit with something like the following:

"I remember reading a
report on the developments around Mount St. Helens a few years after its
eruption. Events were occurring in a few years which were supposed to
require long geological ages." or "Steve Austin's work on Mt. St. Helens
has proven the assumptions of modern geology wrong." or "Just look at Mt.
St. Helens, it has proven just how quickly things may happen." These
comments are usually used (in my opionion) to avoid responding to my
specific claims about things such as footprints in the fossil record etc...

I don't have Austin's book and have not seen the video both of which I am
sure are what are being referred to here. When this is just thrown out as
a generality it is difficult to respond but I feel that I cannot let these
comments go by without at least some effort to put the Mt. St. Helens work
in perspective with historical and modern geology. Looks like I am going
to have to buy Austin's book but in the meantime I am wondering if anyone
knows of a review of Austin's primary points, what the primary claims are
regarding how Mt. St. Helens proves so many things wrong, and/or a critique
of his assesment. I am surprised how little material actually written by
Austin I can find on the web.

Thanks in advance,

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