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Glenn Morton (
Mon, 22 Jul 1996 21:29:43

Denis wrote:

>Hi Glenn,
>On Sat, 20 Jul 1996, Glenn Morton wrote:
>> Wo de Tongzhi Denis,

My comrade Denis. In this age of enterprise in China I should have said

Wo de Tongshe-My fellow worker.

>> >You can't conflate non-reductionistic
> categories(ontological/theological)
>> >with reductionistic categories (historical). It's hockey pucks and
>> >footballs . . . it's like Glenn and Denis ;-)
>> I agree, partially. But we have to ask ourselves which type of
> knowledge
>> is more certain, non-reductionist or reductionist knowledge.
>Well, I disagree fully. They are each completely different "language
>games," and as a result can't be compared or conflated--that's my point.

How do I apply non-reductionism to Genesis 3-11? Is that portion of the
scripture ontological/theological as opposed to historical? How do I
determine the status of Genesis 12-50? Is there an objective-reductionist
means to determine when each technique should be applied?

>> I am going to tell you about a rather blasphemous thing I once read.

>OK. Try this one:
>So the roaming nomads had a cosmogony and a cosomology. We both agree
>that the latter has since been superceded. If I were to use the
> arguments
>you having been using to defend that there is historical truth in their
>cosmogony would I then be able to defend their cosmology? What would you

One would not have to necessarily defend the cosmology. The astronomical
data did not change from Ptolemaic to Copernican astronomy. The interp.
of that data did change. Heliocentricity or Geocentricity was an interp.
placed onto the data. Similarly, the data of the Bible can be viewed
similarly. Their interp. and our interp are put onto it. The data
remains the same. I know, this is terribly eisegetical.

>Always enjoy exchanging thoughts with the rock man down south.

I think you meant rock-headed man down south. :-)

Did you notice me trying to get away from Genesis 1? I lost there last
time. Don't want to do that again. Come over to my turf and play for a
while. :-)

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