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From: Randy Isaac <randyisaac@comcast.net>
Date: Tue Jan 05 2010 - 22:58:37 EST

We are pleased to introduce a new discussion forum. For more than 15
years, ASA has sponsored this email discussion group as an open
listserv. With newer technology, we can now provide a more appropriate
forum to help facilitate dialog on issues of science and faith. The new
technology should enable more effective interaction.

The primary discussion forum is called ASA Voices. It is a general forum
for thoughtful discussion of various issues in science and faith. The
public can read all posts and comments but only ASA members have
permission to write comments. Those who wish to submit comments can log
in using their ASA Online username (the email address on file with ASA)
and password. Those members who have not yet registered for an ASA
Online password need to do so before logging in to the discussion forum.
All comments are required to adhere to the ASA policy.

The ASA Voices home page also contains links to two other discussion
groups that will soon be active. ASA Book Discussion will host a series
of discussions on various seminal books on science and faith. ASA PSCF
Discussion will contain discussions of articles published in our

The moderators for these discussions are Terry Gray, Randy Isaac, and
Ted Davis. Terry will take the lead for Voices. Ted will soon begin the
PSCF Discussion with comments on his recently published series of
articles on Compton. Randy will begin a Book Discussion of Stephen
Meyer's Signature in the Cell with the author's participation.
Discussion leaders will rotate in the future for various books and

We will continue to keep this listserv on hold as we organize and ramp
up these blogs. We encourage you to participate. Based on feedback of
the new blogs, we will decide later whether to continue with this
listserv, depending on whether there are needs not covered by the new

It is essential for us to maintain an environment of expressing diverse
and opposing views in a context of civility and of Christian love. We
have all learned much in this listserv and we hope that the transition
to the new technology will increase the effectiveness of the
interaction. This will be a learning experience for us as we try new
ideas. We appreciate your patience and your help as we work out the

Please stick with us and make your voice heard in a thoughtful and
productive manner.


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