[asa] Message from the ASA president

From: Ted Davis <TDavis@messiah.edu>
Date: Mon Dec 21 2009 - 14:24:43 EST

I write this as ASA President, elected by our members. Apparently I no
longer represent Glenn Morton, who is on his way out of the ASA. Frankly, I
am glad not to represent Glenn, for his behavior here certainly does not
represent us at the ASA. As President, I cannot allow our employees to be
subjected to unfair and insulting behavior. Randy Isaac, our executive
director, should not have to tolerate this type of abuse. Randy's views on
this issue are his own; the ASA takes no position on the AGW issue, but we
absolutely do take a position on the kind of forum that the ASA is and will
be. Glenn will not be back on this venue, as long as I am on the ASA

For decades the ASA has promoted helpful conversation about science and the
Christian faith. Our members are serious about making science their
Christian vocation, and we do what we can to facilitate the kind of
interactions that members will benefit from and want to participate in as
often as they can. Our journal, Perspectives on Science and Christian
Faith, has long been known as a major forum for presenting serious ideas
about science and Christianity. Our annual meetings are also a major forum;
several presentations each year typically end up in the journal in one form
or another. It is my intent as ASA President that we will soon have an
electronic venue that will be a worthy partner for our journal and our
meeting--a place where serious ideas can be discussed and debated without
rancor, a place that gives voice to the many voices in the ASA who respect
and honor our mission and identity. The ASA list will not be that place,
for many reasons; it might even cease to exist--that has been under
discussion for some time, and members are invited to share their views with
me off-list. We are working with an IT consultant to create a blog that we
hope can fill very capably the very important role outlined here, and that
work is nearing completion. Before my term ends on 31 March, I hope to give
the details here and invite your participation in the new venture.

In the meantime, however, I'm closing all further conversation about the
AGW issue on the ASA list. It's clear once again that this one seems to
bring out more heat than light, despite our best efforts to prevent that.

Furthermore, we are also shutting down the ASA list over the Christmas
holiday, something we did once before when we weren't happy with some of the
things that were happening. This isn't a permanent shut-down (although as
stated above the future of the list is under discussion); we'll be back in a
couple of weeks, but for the time being we think it's best for people to
remember the Reason for the Season. Merry Christmas!

Ted Davis, ASA President

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