Re: [asa] Data doesn't support global warming

From: William Hamilton <>
Date: Mon Dec 21 2009 - 08:15:03 EST

I have been out of this thread for a while -- working on a hot blog project
for church -- so if you folks follow Dave's advice (slow down the rate of
posts on this topic) I won't be disappointed.

For those of you who have time on your hands :-) you might peruse the
following paper by Scafetta and West:
*Nicola Scafetta*, and Bruce J. West, *Phenomenological reconstructions of
the solar signature in the NH surface temperature records since 1600. *J.
Geophys. Res., 112, D24S03, doi:10.1029/2007JD008437 (2007).

This paper may answer in part Rich's challenge to me a while ago:
(paraphrase) If warming is due mainly to solar irradiance changes, why has
it only shown up in the last 70 years or so. I will post more in answer to
Rich when I get free of the project I'm currently working on.

On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 6:01 AM, Dave Wallace <>wrote:

> Iain Wilson wrote:
> Glenn et al,
> Now i am becoming annoyed. I enjoy the exchanges & am learning much. But this asinine stabbing @ each other does nothing to add to the discussion. My kids would be getting a sharp word and a time out @ this point. Randy did NOT deserve this email below. Period.
> iain
> Folks
> I think we need to slow down the rate of posts on this topic and give
> everybody time to absorb what is being posted and to cool the temperature of
> the exchanges. Some list cooling would be good!
> I agree that the email to Randy should have been worded in a more
> respectful manner.
> Iain I think your comment should apply to the pro AGW side as well as the
> con AGW side, maybe that is how you meant it but that is not the way I read
> it.
> et al
> John W
> re averages
> Suggest you google average of averages and read some of the sites on
> problems with the results.
> In the tropical deserts the average daily temperature matters very little.
> There is almost no twilight and the period going from daylight to night
> takes about a half hour or less. The temperature falls almost that fast.
> If one were to dress for the average temperature you would bake in the day
> and freeze at night. Been there done that. Thus even the average metric
> only gives one very limited knowledge.
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