Re: [asa] Data doesn't support global warming

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Mon Dec 21 2009 - 07:01:18 EST
Iain Wilson wrote:
Glenn et al,

Now i am becoming annoyed. I enjoy the exchanges & am learning much. But this asinine stabbing @ each other does nothing to add to the discussion. My kids would be getting a sharp word and a time out @ this point. Randy did NOT deserve this email below. Period.
I think we need to slow down the rate of posts on this topic and give everybody time to absorb what is being posted and to cool the temperature of the exchanges. Some list cooling would be good!

I agree that the email to Randy should have been worded in a more respectful manner. 

Iain I think your comment should apply to the pro AGW side as well as the con AGW side, maybe that is how you meant it but that is not the way I read it.

et al

John W
 re averages
Suggest you google average of averages and read some of the sites on problems with the results. 

In the tropical deserts the average daily temperature matters very little.  There is almost no twilight and the period going from daylight to night takes about a half hour or less.  The temperature falls almost that fast.  If one were to dress for the average temperature you would bake in the day and freeze at night.  Been there done that.  Thus even the average metric only gives one very limited knowledge.
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