Re: [asa] Data doesn't support global warming

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Sat Dec 19 2009 - 19:08:10 EST

I want to thank Rich for inadvertently alerting me to another stupidity in the data of global warming that the sheeple believers can't find, much less see. I have done what Rich should have done and downloaded graphs of temperature to temperature so that direct comparisions could be made of the temperature. I did it for Malye Karamaku (I have had some creation/evolution stuff to deal with today besides helping bake cookies). The picture has been shrunk in size. If any of these are too large for a single window go to the bottom corner of Explorer and change the 100% to 50%.

Now in the Upper GISS picture, one can see basically 4 pts in the purple circle. In the upper they are approximately -5,-6, -7.6, -5.5. But in Riche's magnificent plotting company's graph, they are approximately -4.5, -9, -9, -5. Perhaps Rich can tell us what the true value of the temperature was at Malye Karmaku in the years 1896-1900. It seems that two global warming advocating sites can't give a straight answer to that question. Infact they keep changing history

No look in the red circle we have approximately -3,-3.8, -2.8, That is GISS. But in the magnificent plotting company we have -4.5, -3.5, -3.1. Once again, Perchance Rich can tell us what the real temperature was during those years in the 1920s.

There is a dogleg in the GISS temperature in the 1950s but not in the Magnificent Plotting company. And a W shape in the Magnificant plotting company in the late 1950s which isn't to be found in the GISS data. Where oh where did the W go??? Might make a good song.

Now lets look at the green circle.about 1980 the GISS has one point in the circle at about -7.4 deg. The Magnificent Plotting Company has 2 dots both about -7 degrees. There is clearly a problem, part of which is that Rich actually doesn't engage with the data even the data on his own charts.

Rich, give it up. The data isn't good enough to support global warming. The longer you fight against things like this and ignore the problems raised the worse you look.

The hardest thing I ever did was to give up yec. Today I will turn on a dime when evidence says to turn. Don't make the same mistake you did with YEC and cling to your belief when the data doesn't support your position. YOu are smart enough to know that the problems I have found, by doing the work YOU should have done, is really problematical for your position.

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