[asa] None Standard Information (Theory) in ID

From: Dave Wallace <wmdavid.wallace@gmail.com>
Date: Fri Dec 18 2009 - 17:36:56 EST

  From your online discussion with Del Tackett
Rich Blinne on May 22nd, 2008 10:16 pm
/> It is also presumed that DNA is a design specification. A more complex /
/> design requires a more complex specification. But, there are two /
/> paradoxes in biology known as the c-value and g-value paradoxes. More /
/> complex life does not necessarily have a higher DNA weight nor higher /
/> numbers of gene. The Human Genome Project overestimated the number of /
/> genes going in with estimates of 80-140,000 genes when the real number /
/> is around 30,000. What’s going on is there is a lot of “random” /
/> alternative splicing producing multiple proteins from the same gene. /
/> Before you say a ha, note that humans do not have the record for /
/> alternative splicing. The fruit fly does with 38,000 splice variants. /
/> Thus, evolution does not need to generate new “information” because /
/> ID’s concept of information is simply flawed.

I think you are right that information as dealt with by Dembski in his
books is not correct. While I was reading old messages that had come in
from the list but that I did not have time to process earlier, I found
an old note where you referenced several papers that discuss problems in
his work. The short ones I read immediately but the 50 page discussion
took somewhat longer and I just finished it today. I think I have three
of Dembski's books. One was mostly an overview of the state of the ID
world, and that one I finished. However the two books I have that talk
about CSI... I never finished because my intuition said something was
wrong but that I needed more statistics and info theory that I know or
remember to figure out exactly// what//. In short I felt the material
should have been peer reviewed if competent reviewers could be found
that would ignore the ID conclusions that he draws or just the fact that
he is associated with ID.

Gregory quoted J Wells at the DI as saying that he did not read Dembski
any more. I think I can affirm that as well.

Dave W

ps Chatin was a very interesting person or as some would put it wild man.


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