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Spare a thought for us geologists. YEC cannot be argued once geology with its telephone numbers is present. To follow the FALSE YEC classification of science into origins and operational science, biology and geology are largely "non-operational" science.

Most know less geology than biology and so fallacious arguments about geology seem plausible to most people.


PS You need to take a few visits to Mt st Helens and learn about its geology and of course the Missoula flood deposits! You live in a fantastic area.
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  Notice again the critical impact of biology. Without biology, YEC can be argued decently, in my opinion, at least well argued on the surface. But biology kills YEC. And I don't think most engineers know much about evolutionary biology, or maybe even biology in general. However, this may all change in the younger generation. There is now much more biology teaching even at the high school level, I think.


  I graduated from HS in 1980, and got a BSEET in 1984. Almost no exposure to biology. My first major exposure was in a seminary class (2006), then later in self-study. My daughter knows much more about general biology than me, in different areas, and she is first year in college. She's also in the general science degree program, and it is surprisingly heavily weighted in biology. In fact, I'm shocked they don't even require a programming class, which I can't understand them not doing.


  I see the attack on Christianity from evolution as looming larger and larger. YEC/OEC needs to deal with human evolution, and TE needs to figure out a coherent theology (the problems as I see them).



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   So, I did not have the natural suspicion of academics and academic scientists and I believe that was why it was easier for me to change my mind once Terry cogently put forth the scientific argument for the truth of evolutionary biology.



  Before Terry jumps in here this took a while. Upon re-reading this, the language I used implied that I was less dense than I actually was.



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